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Remember Madness? That ska-based, slightly wacky 2-tone band of the late 70s-mid 80s? Imagine them playing for a ceilidh. Can’t be done? Well it has been and it really works, honest, as demonstrated at Oxfolk in February. They’ve got the bounciest sound around the circuit as I discovered at Towersey last year – and again at Bromyar where they made it from Hexham, Northumberland at the height of the petrol cris when many wouldn’t risk shorter distances. The lineup is 6-piece, including melodeon, guitars, citterns, keyboards, drums and two all-important saxophones which with the aid of the keyboards keep the accent firmly on the back beat. Most of the tracks are oginal, by keyboardist Robin Jowett, with only one trad tune to be found – ‘Polka Chinoise’ gets a new treatment among such untraditional titles as ‘The Last Banana’ and ‘Sheep in the Hatchback’. They’re at Towersey again this year and not many bands get to do that two years running! Catch them there if not before and in the meantime have a bounce to this CD…

-Nigel Holt


  1. Last Banana
  2. Badgers Moon / Cat Among the Pigeons
  3. Kemp’s Hornpipe
  4. Polka Chinoise
  5. All in Good Time / Ghosts
  6. Captain Crunch
  7. Thomas Jig
  8. The Bloody Snood
  9. Owl on the Bonnet / Spur of the Moment
  10. One Such
  11. Sheep in the Hatchback

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